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New COVID-19 Spikes In Parts Of Colorado With Lower Vaccination Rates? Many Doctors Worried It Could Happen

DENVER (CBS4) - Colorado officials continue the effort to vaccinate more people against COVID-19, but CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida says another spike of cases in areas of the state where the vaccination rates are low is a strong possibility.

"We may be able to get through the summer okay, without a big spike in cases, but I really am concerned, as are many, that there will be some outbreaks come fall as we enter into a different season of the year," he said in an interview on CBSN Denver, referring to a time when cooler weather means more people will be spending time indoors and schools will be back in session.

There are 12 counties in Colorado where the vaccination rates are at or above 70%. Hnida is referring to the possibility of spikes in other counties that "probably will not" reach that 70% goal.

"There are some counties that (have a very low percentage). They are in the 30% range in terms of people even getting one vaccination," Hnida said.

Hnida pointed out that people's travels from areas of the state where there are much lower vaccination rates to the counties with higher percentages could also easily lead to the spread of the virus to people who are unvaccinated in those higher percentage areas. That's why he strongly encourages everyone who's eligible to consider getting the vaccine.

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