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18-year-old charged in deadly Colorado shooting could serve time in juvenile facility

18-year-old charged in deadly shooting could serve time in juvenile facility
18-year-old charged in deadly shooting could serve time in juvenile facility 02:50

The last 18 months have been incredibly difficult for the Cabriales family.

Pamela Cabriales  GoFundMe

On Feb. 20, 2021, Pamela Cabriales, was shot in the head while she was stopped at a light on Colfax Avenue and Interstate 25. She was on her way home from having dinner with a friend. Pamela died a few days later.

The people accused of murdering her, are a then 14-year-old boy, and 18-year-old Neshan Johnson. While court documents state Johnson did not pull the trigger, he was driving the car. 

Now Alex Cabriales, Pamela's brother, tells CBS News Colorado prosecutors are considering giving Johnson a plea deal that would allow him to serve 7 years in the Colorado Youthful Offender System. Alex said the deal would mean Johnson would have to plead guilty to second-degree murder. A deal Alex said is a disappointment because even though Johnson is an adult, he could serve his time in a juvenile facility.

Neshan Johnson (credit: Denver Police)

"And it's not fair for families like us to be left behind suffering," Alex said. "We don't want vengeance. We're not a vengeful family. We just want the people that did this to be held accountable to the highest extent of the law."

Pamela's mom, Irma Gloria Mendez, said her daughter's death has destroyed her life.

"It changes your life, and as a mom, they don't feel what I feel," Mendez said.

As Alex embraced his mother on Thursday, he said the justice system isn't working for his family.

"It is a slap in the face to our family, it's like her life did not matter," said Alex. "My sister's death to them is just another dead Mexican. They don't care, because if it was one of their own it would be a different situation."

A situation that the Cabriales family believes speaks to a flawed justice system.

"There's no justice for my daughter and that's what I want, justice for my daughter," Mendez said.

CBS News Colorado reached out to the office of Beth McCann, the District Attorney of Denver, and a spokesperson said, "We have no comment on this because it remains an open criminal case before the court and because we do not comment on potential offers."

On Friday, the Cabriales family is planning to protest the possibility of the Johnson plea deal at the state Capitol.   

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