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Neighbors Want Changes After Fatal Accident At Intersection

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - Neighbors in Englewood want changes made to an intersection they say is becoming increasingly dangerous.


The push comes after a fatal accident at Dayton and Caley, just northeast of Arapahoe Road and Interstate 25.

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A homemade sign that says "Slow Down" left at the intersection now highlights the frustration neighbors like Lansing Ermentraut are feeling.

"I've seen people go to excess speeds of 50 mph on this road ignore red lights, I myself have almost been run over a dozen times," she said.

Ermentraut lives and works in the area and walks her children to school almost every day.

"Our crossing guard for the school has almost been run over and he's wearing a vest and carrying a stop sign," she said.

On Monday night a woman was hit and killed while attempting to cross at the intersection.

Investigators believe she was crossing against a green light and that the driver was not at fault.

Still, Ermentraut and fellow neighbors fear it's just the beginning and have taken their concerns to the county.

"We are still working on trying to get them to do the restriping of the crosswalk in a school yellow color so it's more noticeable. and just getting more police awareness out here in the morning," Ermentraut said.

Caitlin Wilson, spokeswoman for Arapahoe County, says public works and the Arapahoe County Sheriff's office have received occasional complaints about this intersection.

She says the ACSO and Colorado State Patrol reviewed this intersection again as part of this investigation and found that all crosswalks and stop bars are in good shape.

When asked about repainting the crosswalks she says the stripes and stop bars are made from a durable thermoplastic that is burned onto the street. This installation was completed in late 2013 and the material lasts 5-6 years.

Wilson says they did identify a need for an additional speed limit sign on northbound Dayton Street just north of Peakview Avenue. Public Works is working to get it installed by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

In addition, a representative for the county has agreed to meet with Ermentraut and other neighbors about possible changes.

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