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Governor's Park Playground In Denver Closed After Dozens Of Needles Found

DENVER (CBS4)- A popular playground in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood was shut down because it is just too dangerous. Some residents say it's not an isolated problem in the neighborhood.

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Quality Hill Park, at 10th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street, was not living up to its name. According to some who live in the area, the neighborhood square has become a neighborhood nuisance. But that's not the only park that residents are concerned about.

Nearby, you can still walk the dogs in Governor's Park at 7th Avenue and Logan Street, but that playground has been shut down since September after 40 needles were found there.

One dog walker told CBS4, "My grandchildren are sad, as are many other kids here. The other kids that used to come here find it not usable."

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The slides are empty, the swings silent. The drug use had become so bad the city put up a fence.

Scott Gilmore, the deputy executive director of Denver Parks and Recreation said, "You take children to play have fun, exercise, to have needles in a playground is not acceptable."

He says the park will be renovated with a new master plan. Those in the neighborhood have seen the problems first hand.

Dylan Turner, a neighbor, told CBS4's Rick Sallinger, "I've seen people shooting up heroin on the street, I've seen needles scattered around everywhere."

A box for needles sits in a corner of the park. It's adjacent to the Governor's Mansion and a homeless encampment is located across the street.

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"We want to see them get better, but at the same time there's only so many places they can go," said Turner.

Civic Center Park was so bad, with needles, human waste and rats, it was shut down in September. Civic Center Park is slowly reopening with more lighting and patrols.

At Governor's Park, the playground is to reopen with access only to children and their adults. As for Quality Hill, it will be going to the dogs. After a petition by neighbors, it will become Denver's newest dog park.

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