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Nearly 1,000 FirstBank Customers In Danger Of Fraud

DENVER (CBS4)- Nearly 1,000 FirstBank debit card holders have received new cards after being notified their information was likely stolen when skimmers were discovered on ATMs at three King Soopers grocery stores.

The incidents happened inside three King Soopers stores at FirstBank locations at 9th and Corona and University and Hampden in Denver and a third location in Boulder.

The bank first learned about the skimmers from a customer. Skimmers steal credit card numbers and other information so the thief can make purchases with newly made cards.

Unfortunately, victims are not hard to find. One man told CBS4 his card was skimmed at a gas station, "I was notified of $400 on my account on purchases at Walgreens. It wasn't me."

CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger went on the internet and quickly found card skimmers for sale.

skimmer atm map
(credit: CBS)

Just recently more skimmers were found on ATMs at Park Meadows Mall. A few months ago they were discovered at an RTD light rail station.

The possibility of identity theft is a big concern to many, including one King Soopers customers, "Yes it does. Absolutely a big institution, happens everywhere Target, Walmart, credit cards ATMs, always hear about it."

(credit: CBS)

In the most recent cases, FirstBank issued a statement reassuring card holders, stating: FirstBank discovered illegal ATM "skimming" devices installed on a small number of its ATMs in Colorado. Unfortunately, such devices are used by criminals to steal card information from unsuspecting consumers.

FirstBank currently has nearly 600,000 credit and debit cards in circulation, and fewer than 1,000 of those cards were impacted. FirstBank has already contacted and reissued cards to all affected customers.

FirstBank has a zero-liability fraud policy. Customers are not responsible for any fraud that occurs on their debit or credit card. FirstBank customers with more questions can contact the bank directly at 800.964.3444.

The man whose card was skimmed and had purchases made at Walgreens told CBS4, "We need chips they have it Europe they are slow to do it over here and it's all on the consumer usually."

Skimmers often fit right into where the card is placed in the ATM and typically hard to notice.

CBS4's Rick Sallinger is a Peabody award winning reporter who has been with the station more than two decades doing hard news and investigative reporting. Follow him on Twitter @ricksallinger.

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