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Nanny Shields 3-Year-Old From Attacking Dogs: 'She Saved His Life'

GENESEE, Colo. (CBS4)- A 3-year-old boy survived an attack when two dogs got into his backyard and his nanny got between him and the animals to shield him from their teeth and claws.

Jack Melichar is recovering from the 36 stitches and other injuries from the attack that happened last week in his back yard in Genesee.

"Two dogs and it was not like a short attack, it was a long, occurring nightmare," Jack's mother Amy Melichar.

Jack's nanny, Sharon Molloy, ran to save him when the dogs turned on her, mauling her arms and legs.

"She said if he ran it would be worse so she put her body around Jack's and just protected Jack. Animal control said it looked like a shark attack," said Melichar.

The dogs that attacked were Briards, an ancient breed of large herding dog, originally from France. Jack's older brother Tommy ran inside to call his mom for help.

"One neighbor over there heard all the commotion and he went over there, grabbed a rake and started hitting the dogs with it," said Tommy.

The neighbors who own the dogs told CBS4's Stan Bush, "No comment" when he tried to ask them how the dogs got out of the yard.

Melichar said the neighbors have not apologized for the incident and are rushing to move out.

Sharon Molloy
Sharon Molloy (credit: GoFundMe)

Molloy is recovering from her serious injuries. She spent several days in the hospital and underwent surgery. She had only been working for the Melichars for two weeks when the attack happened.

Melichar said she jumped in to protect Jack like she was protecting her own child, "She 100 percent saved his life. Everyone says, 'This is what I'd do' but she did... She 100 percent saved his life."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover Molloy's medical expenses.

The dogs are being held at Jefferson County Animal Control. It is unclear what the future holds for the dogs.

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