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Colorado Teacher Apologizes After Using N-Word In The Classroom During First Amendment Instruction

By Anna Maria Basquez

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Administrators and a teacher at a Colorado Springs area high school are engaging in discussions with students and parents after an incident in which the teacher is alleged to have used racial slurs in the course of instruction.

Samantha Briggs, spokeswoman for Widefield School District 3, said Mesa Ridge High School Navy JROTC instructor Brian Gauck used the N-word in multiple classes. The district states the word was used in a discussion about the First Amendment.

"I can confirm a JROTC instructor used the word during a class discussion around the First Amendment and language," Briggs said. "The word was not used to call or refer to anyone."

The school's principal took immediate action once she was made aware of the situation and the instructor publicly apologized to all students in the classes.

"In addition, the principal has apologized to students and parents on behalf of the school," she said. "The principal and the instructor are engaging in individual conversations with students and parents to restore relationships. The district and the school are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and culturally inclusive environment for all of our students and families. That is all the information I have on the situation at this time."

Briggs said she wouldn't provide any specifics on any possible disciplinary action that may have resulted from the situation.

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