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'My Cause, My Cleats': Denver Broncos Unveil Shoes Designed To Highlight Charities

DENVER (CBS) -- The Denver Broncos got together for the NFL's "My Cause My Cleats" campaign. It gives each player the chance to promote a charitable cause that is important to them. The players got to see their specialty cleats for the first time Tuesday morning at UCHealth Training Center.

Quarterback Drew Lock is hoping to raise awareness about the Leukemia Research Foundation. He said he has a relative battling the disease.

"We're trying to do everything we can to help her," Lock said.

The Broncos shared a video of the players seeing their special cleats for the first time.

PHOTO GALLERY: Denver Broncos Unveil Shoes Designed To Highlight Charities

"Oh ho, these are hard!" Von Miller said.

Safety Justin Simmons is an ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60.

Simmons said he wants to spread the message of "health and wellness and physical activity, everything that you're trying to present to the younger generation about why it's important to stay active."

Connor McGovern is representing TNT Kid's Fitness and Gymnastics and the Fargo Able Games.

"The Able Games are a CrossFit competition for everyone, the whole spectrum of the population, whether you're an able bodied or have a mental disability or physical disability, everyone's going to be able to compete."

Billy Winn's cause is very close to his heart.

"A lot of people don't know my wife has Lupus, which attacks every organ in the body at some point and it's going to take her life. Right now her left kidney is functioning at 30%, her right one is at 70%," Winn said. "Lupus is the silent killer. It's just one of those things where you're never going to have a good day. You're going to be in pain all the time."

Colorado native Dalton Risner is representing The RisnerUP Foundation -- and worked in a shout out to his hometown of Wiggins.

Custom designer Breanna Berry is a Colorado native and designed 48 of the Broncos cleats this week. She had 5-6 weeks to complete the project.

Breanna Berry
Breanna Berry (credit: CBS)

"There's a little bit of competition when you're unboxing cleats, you know," Simmons joked. "The first thing you're like 'Oh those are sweet! They're not better than mine, but they're good, they're good."

Simmons also said the project is a learning experience for the players. "I think that's one of the cooler things, you see what different guys care about."

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