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Mutiny Information Cafe reopens after paying taxes owed to Denver

The Mutiny Information Cafe has reopened its doors less than a week after it was seized by the City of Denver. The comics and coffee shop has been a staple on South Broadway for years. 

The owner, Jim Norris, said that setbacks from the pandemic, vandalism and now inflation ballooned. The problem became too big for him to handle and he ended up owing the city more than $42,000.


His customers weren't letting the cafe close without a fight. More than 1,000 people donated money to cover the shop's unpaid taxes. 

"It's been a lot of tears all weekend... from losing the business and crying on Thursday to weeping with joy by Saturday night because of all of our customers coming through like that," said Norris. "We're just filled with gratitude and humility and a little embarrassment."

Norris said he paid the bill first thing Wednesday morning. He now says he has a stronger resolve to keep the business going to honor the Denver community's goodwill.  

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