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Murder Victim's Family Hopes For Closure

DENVER (CBS4) - Family and friends of a 27-year-old Commerce City man who was murdered on the job said recent developments in the case are bittersweet.

Nathan Leon, 27, was shot several times on Sunday by a person or unknown group of people. He had gone missing while he was on duty delivering pizzas for Domino's Pizza and six hours later his body was found in Golden, 20 miles away from his car.

Sources tell CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger that Evan Ebel was involved in a high speed chase and shootout in Texas that ended in a crash Thursday. Ebel, 28, was kept alive on life support for a few hours but was taken off and has died.

Ebel was a parolee in the Denver metro area. He has been identified as a member of a white supremacist gang.

Sources close to the investigation tell CBS4 that a pizza box and Domino's delivery shirt were found in the back seat of the car driven by Ebel, leading authorities to investigate the possibility that the same person may have been responsible for the recent murders of Leon and Tom Clements, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections.

"We're not speculating at this point. We're hoping that if it is hopefully this will give us some closure, we're not quite sure yet," said Leon's stepsister Erin Oswalt.

"We just one way or the other want to know who did this and bring them to justice. So if this is what it ends up being, we're just hoping this ends swiftly so we can move on."

Leon's family said he delivered pizzas as a way to earn extra money for his wife and his three girls.

Leon was the sole provider for his family. They are having difficulty gathering funds for his funeral. An account has been set up at Bank of the West under the name Nathan Leon.

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