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'Mountain Strong' Movement Born Out Of Flood Recovery

DENVER (CBS4) - Disaster is an inevitable part of life, especially in a place like Colorado where there are so many potential hazards caused by weather.

And no matter how much training and education there is on how to deal with it, one never fully understands until they've lived it.

After the floods hit Colorado's Front Range in September 2013, the financial impact left entire communities wondering how they would begin the long road to recovery.

The huge expanse of the damage, and the immediate need for help by so many, simply overwhelmed the system.

Like a one-two punch, September's flooding happened during the heart of fundraising season, canceling many organization's biggest moneymaking events of the year. This left them strapped for cash.

"When you're dealing with a pool of people that are hurting themselves, going to ask them for money, it's kind of hard. It doesn't feel very good," said Dee Robinson with Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center.

Dee Robinson
Dee Robinson (credit: CBS)

In the weeks and months that followed, everyone from businesses to nonprofits worked side by side to make sure everyone remained afloat in the aftermath.

One place that served as a gathering point was Crossroads.

It's an organization that does more than just supply meals and the basics, they also help those with larger needs, like rent payments and gas money.

As time went on, those working so hard to help serve the public in their time of need, realized that something larger was needed to facilitate the recovery.

That's when the idea of Mountain Strong for Nonprofits came to life.

Mountain Strong for Nonprofits Teaser by Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center on YouTube

Taken from the original Mountain Strong movement that helped raise money for initial flood recovery, the next generation of Mountain Strong is designed to help the organizations that help the community.

"Mountain Strong for Nonprofits -- we saw that as a way to continue on in the spirit of Mountain Strong movement, so it could benefit the nonprofits who support individuals in a different way," said Robinson.

Mountain Strong for Nonprofits is a central website where people can go to donate money to any non-profit organization.

LINK: Mountain Strong for Nonprofits

The hope is that with one place for people to go, it will make it easier to donate. They also hope to tap into people who don't live in the area.

"Having this new initiative to help non profits recap those loses has been a real life saver for many of us," said Virgil Good with Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park.

Mountain Strong for Nonprofits gives many organizations breathing room, and money for future success.

"There are still unmet needs and people who need a lot of help," said Good. "People who need a lot of help. This will give stability so we're not just dependent on the giving this month or the giving next month, but stability to a whole year."

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