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Mountain Lion Snatches, Eats Man's Dachshund In Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) - A terrifying mountain lion attack in Colorado Springs claimed the life of a man's dog.

The incident happened last week in a gated community near the Broadmoor Hotel on the city's southwest side.

The pet owner said he was out walking his dog when the big cat jumped out of the bushes, grabbed the dachshund, took off and ate it.

Neighbors say it's not unusual to have cougar attacks in the area.

"We know there are mountain lions in the area, there have been other attacks several years ago," a resident said. "Our backyard neighbor, a mountain lion climbed a tree and jumped onto her deck and took her dog."

Parks and Wildlife agents set out a trap and caught the mountain lion and euthanized it.

Late last year two joggers spotted a mountain lion near a trail in Cheyenne Mountain State Park on the city's northwest side. One was a female jogger, and she ran when she saw the animal.

Lindsey Grewe was slightly injured when the mountain lion chased her before returning to a deer carcass it was eating.

"I really thought he was going to attack me," Grewe said. "I had visions that I was going to get eaten."

Wildlife officials advise against people from running away from a lion if they encounter one in the wild. Instead, they encourage people to back away slowly and to make themselves appear as big as possible.

LINK: Division of Parks & Wildlife's Guide To Living with Wildlife in Lion Country

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