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Witness Says Road Rage Suspect Purposely Steered Into Motorcyclist

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - A motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a road rage incident over the weekend in Aurora was wearing a Go Pro camera on his helmet, and if there's video of the incident, it could be used as evidence.

Police say a passenger in a car was having a dispute with the motorcycle rider when the passenger jerked the wheel of the car, crashing into the motorcycle and forcing both vehicles to roll over on northbound Interstate 225 between Iliff and Mississippi avenues.

Aurora Road Rage (from AurPD tweet)
The scene of the crash (credit: Aurora Police Department)

A witness told CBS4's Jennifer Brice the victim on the motorcycle had a Go Pro on his helmet, which was knocked off, but his friends were able to find it. It's not clear if the victim was recording video at the time of the crash.

The victim is now listed in fair condition at a hospital in Aurora. Court documents show he suffered a broken foot, ankle and a punctured lung.

"The gentleman in the passenger seat of the car was yelling out the window and then I could actually see him reach over and grab the steering wheel, and that's when the car took a sharp right, right into the motorcyclist … the motorcyclist went flying," witness Jason Pfeiffer told CBS4.

Michael Christopher Hall
Michael Christopher Hall (credit: Aurora Police Department)

The driver of the car, Danielle Marie Buffum, 24, was also injured. Police say the passenger, Michael Christopher Hall, 25, was arrested on suspicion of assault and attempted homicide. He was not injured.

"Thank you for your prayers and support throughout this situation! I'm at home pretty banged up and surgery on my left leg," Buffum posted on her Facebook page. "Please keep in mind that there is only one side to the story! I'm not speaking out about it so just know that Mike is not the bad guy in this situation!"

(credit: CBS)

Several witnesses told police the suspect's car -- a Chrysler -- started moving to the right and forced the Honda motorcycle to the edge of his lane. At some point the passenger -- who appeared to be having an argument with the victim -- grabbed the steering wheel and jerked it right, forcing the Chrysler into the Honda.

"What I saw was definitely an intentional use of the vehicle to hit the motorcyclist. It wasn't trying to scare him, it wasn't trying to get a point across. He was actually trying to hit the guy on the motorcycle," Pfeiffer said.

Pfeiffer said he first went to help the motorcyclist, and then to the couple.

"The motorcyclist was very much in shock. Once he was able to breathe again he started talking ... at first incoherently, but then clearly, and he also noted from what he saw from his perspective that when he had looked over when the guy was yelling at him he actually saw him also grab the steering wheel."

Speed and alcohol don't appear to be factors in the incident.

The Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office says the case is still under investigation and they have not yet determined if Buffum could be facing charges as well.

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