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Mother, Daughter Reunited At Senior Living Complex After CBS4 Interview

By Danielle Chavira

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) - As chaos was unfolding at a senior living facility in Littleton Saturday morning, one woman was looking for her daughter who lives at the complex and is deaf.

Littleton Apt Fire TM 01 concatenated 084407_frame_25810
(credit: CBS)

Part of the complex caught fire sending 13 people to the hospital.

CBS4 spoke with Joy Seay who was at the scene, still looking for her daughter.

Littleton Apt Fire TM 01 concatenated 084407_frame_2757
Joy Seay (credit: CBS)

"Our daughter who is deaf, lives on the second floor of this building and so it's been a pretty scary situation for her," she said.

Littleton Apt Fire TM 01 concatenated 084407_frame_12868
Jayne Cole (credit: CBS)

Another woman, Jayne Cole, lives at the facility. She told CBS4 she normally walks down the hallways for exercise in the mornings, but noticed the smell of smoke in the elevator. Then she saw smoke on the first floor.

"So I started banging on doors, telling people, hollering 'Fire! Get out! Fire!'" said Cole.

Cole says she found her friend, Monica, who happened to be Seay's daughter.

Littleton Apt Fire TM 01 concatenated 084407_frame_20391
(credit: CBS)

CBS4 quickly realized the situation and helped reunite Seay and her daughter.

"She's safe," Cole told Seay.

"Thank you," responded Seay.

"You feel a little relieved?" CBS4 photographer Tom Meyers asked Seay.

Littleton Apt Fire TM 01 concatenated 084407_frame_22676
(credit: CBS)

"A little better, yeah," Seay said. "She's doing okay."

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