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Morning Work Commute Shaping Up To By Icy

DENVER (CBS4) - The snow began tapering off Sunday evening but below zero temperatures overnight could mean an icy ride to work Monday morning.

Since the first snowflake and the first slippery street Denver Public Works has been hard at work.

"Denver Public Works has been fully deployed throughout this storm," Emily Williams with Denver Public Works said.

Williams said all 70 snowplows have remained fully deployed since the start of the storm.

"We will be treating the streets as necessary with our solid de-icer -- that's the Ice Slicer," she said.

As Monday's commute inches closer it's important to note that although the snow has been significant, Denver's residential streets are not yet being treated.

"We've have about between 4 to 6 inches in the city," Williams said. "It takes 12 inches for us to really hit residential streets."

That means sub-freezing temperatures will create problems for some city streets.

"The main streets will be pretty good. They might be a little icy, but your residential streets will definitely be icy."

Denver Public Works would like to remind people to drive accordingly.

"Make sure you are going slow and providing a lot of extra stopping distance between you and the car in front of you."

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