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More Relief Possible For Drivers Upset About Red Light Cameras

DENVER (CBS4) - More relief may be in store for Denver drivers upset about red light cameras.

The red light cameras are only in four major intersections in the city. One is at 6th Avenue and Lincoln Street.

The fine for just creeping over the white line was recently reduced from $75 to $40. On Tuesday a committee of the city council discussed making the first offense just a warning. After that drivers would get a ticket.

The city says the changes are about safety for people in the crosswalks, especially those who are disabled.

"I think we can create an awareness with people about how dangerous it is to stop in a crosswalk, especially for people in wheelchairs and people who are blind or who have children in strollers and can't see people," Councilmember Mary Beth Susman said. "Let's just make a warning so they understand this and in the second violation assign a fine."

"On a daily basis when I am navigating the streets there is almost always a situation where there is a car in the crosswalk; a car that doesn't notice me because they are turning, or a car that is wanting to back up because they are in a crosswalk, and that's especially dangerous for someone who's only 4 feet tall." Julie Farrar with the Commission for People with Disabilities said.

For the new program to take effect a council member would have to draft an ordinance and then have the whole council vote on it.

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