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More Edibles Recalled Due To Possibility Of Unsafe Pesticides

DENVER (CBS4)- More marijuana products are being recalled because they may contain unsafe pesticide residues.

Gaia's Garden voluntarily recalled more than 20 products due to the presence of contaminated plant material.

The recalled products include a variety of infused candy products with material purchased from TruCannabis, a cultivation facility. The products were distributed to 176 store locations around Colorado.

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Samples from Gaia's Garden infused candy products and TruCannabis plant material harvested prior to June 2 tested positive for residues from three pesticides banned by Colorado: Mycobutanil, Spiromefesin and Imidacloprid.

The following Gaia's Garden infused candy products are subject to the recall:

Production batch #       _____                          Item Description

9922702, 9920503, 9921703, 9920503         Heads and Tails (med)

9922702                                                               Mixed Fruit Lozenges (med)

9922702, 9920903, 9923003                           Sour Drops (med)

9922702, 9920503, 9921703                           Fish (med)

9920203, 9921603                                             Himalayan Salted Dark Chocolate (med)

9920203                                                               Cherry Cream Karma (med)

9920903                                                               White Chocolate Mojito (med)

9921703                                                               Lollipops (med)

9921903                                                               D'z Nutz (med)

9923003                          ��                                    Root Beer Drops (med)

9923003                                                               Lemon Drops (med)

9923003                                                               Cinnamon Lozenges (med)

9922603                                                               Orange Cream Karma (med)

9922603                                                               Strawberry Cream Karma (med)

9920903                                                               Cinnamon Karma (med)

9990104, 9951902                                             Mixed Fruit Pot Drops (rec)

9990505                                                               10mg Karma (rec)

9952002                                                               VSACC Berry Drops (rec)

9951802                                                               Ginger Drops (rec)

9993103                                                               Root Beer Drops (rec)

9951802                                                               Sour Drops (rec)

Last month, two dispensaries voluntarily recalled possibly contaminated products. In September two dispensaries had to recall marijuana products for the same reason and one shop fired an employee for using unapproved pesticides.

Additional Information from the Denver's Department of Environmental Health:

Consumers who have these recalled products should dispose of the products or return them to the stores from which they were purchased. For more information about returns, Gaia's Garden can be reached at

There have been no reports of illness.

The Denver Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is partnering with state agencies to investigate this issue and oversee the recall process to remove potentially contaminated product from commerce. DEH conducts inspections of marijuana-infused product manufacturers and retail locations in Denver and investigates related complaints.

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