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VIDEO: Moose Charges Colorado Hiker In Clear Creek County

CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared video of a moose charging someone in Clear Creek County and say this serves as a reminder to stay away from wildlife. Officers say a wild animal can choose to attack at a moment's notice.

CPW says the individual came upon the bull moose while walking toward a lake. Fortunately, the hiker moved behind a tree and avoided being injured.

They say the moose hit the tree instead of the person.

CPW says moose can weigh up to 1,000lbs. and can stand 6-feet-tall. They say moose attacks are the most common in the state of Colorado, and the population of moose is growing causing more potentially dangerous encounters in the Denver metro area.

Officers urge residents and visitors to use the zoom function on your camera or use binoculars to see the animals and never walk up to get a picture or better view.

If a moose licks its snout, pins its ears back and/or raises its hackles on its hump or shoulders, you're too close and need to move away, CPW says in a video.

Moose Attacks Are Increasing by Colorado Parks and Wildlife on YouTube

They also say dogs need to be on a leash as moose will most definitely attack if they come upon them. You should also never feed wildlife.

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