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Monolith 'Appears' Near Space Port In Colorado

Monolith 'Appears' Near Space Port In Colorado by CBS Colorado on YouTube

WATKINS, Colo. (CBS4) -- Colorado now has its own monolith! This comes just days after a mysterious monolith was found in a remote section of the desert in Utah -- and then disappeared.

There's no mystery behind the Colorado monolith though -- Bill Zempel, the head mechanic at Mile High Aircraft Services, in Watkins says he built it.

Steve Kady

The business is right by the Air and Space Port, so Zempel says they were telling people that aliens were there Thursday night. In reality, the monolith is made from plywood with a metal covering.

"Yes, I built it. As a joke and attention-getter while the topic is fresh in people's minds," Zempel wrote on Twitter. "We're at the Space Port after all."

Monolith At Spaceport 1 (credit Steve Kady)
(credit: Steve Kady)

The Colorado Space Port is one of 11 locations in the country with the license given by the Federal Aviation Administration. The eventual goal is to create a hub for commercial use of space travel as well as research and development in the field. The focus of the Space Port will be horizontal vehicles. Aircraft that takeoff and land like a traditional plane but can use rocket boosters to enter into suborbital flight.

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The monolith in Utah was discovered late in November and officials said there was "no obvious indication" of who put it there. By the end of the month it was gone, also with no explanation.

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