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Moms Stitch Together Memories To Fight Gun Violence

DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) - Mothers across Colorado are using quilting to fight gun violence.

The group called Moms Demand Action is stitching together memories and a message as part of their Mother's Dream Quilt Project.

Each quilt will contain meaningful fabric from a victim or survivor of gun violence.

Jessica Ghawi
Jessica Ghawi (credit: CBS)

"It was really hard to cut up her shorts," volunteer April Rodgers said, while stitching fabrics that belonged to Jessica Ghawi.

Ghawi was killed in the Aurora theater shooting.

"This teal was her favorite color," Rodgers said.

Another block of fabric was made from the wedding dress of Mary Sherlach, the school psychologist killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Jennifer Hope of Moms Demand Action said the group will make a series of quilts using a quilting pattern known as Mother's Dream. The pattern represents the bonds of grief shared by mothers, families and friends of gun violence victims, Hope said.

The victims' fabrics will be surrounded by blocks donated by supporters of the group.

(credit; CBS)

The group, that has chapters across the nation, is making quilts to send a message to everyone.

"(That) we can we do more to prevent gun violence," Hope said.

Hope said the Colorado chapter of Moms Demand Action will make their own quilt to tour nationally before it goes on display back home.

"Generations ago this was a way that moms were able to come together," Hope said. "I really think that quilting is very healing."

It's healing that volunteers like Rodgers say takes time, dedication and patience -- the same things required to sew a quilt.

"It makes me sad but it's the least I can do," she added.

LINK: Moms Demand Action

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