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Romney Speaks With CBS4, But Not About Akin

DENVER (CBS4) - Former Gov. Mitt Romney continued his campaign push in swing state Colorado remotely on Thursday, granting one-on-one satellite interviews with four local reporters, including CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd.

Romney's campaign told Boyd prior to the start of the interview the candidate would not be fielding questions about Missouri Republican Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin and the firestorm he created when he used the phrase "legitimate rape."

Romney denounced Akin's comments earlier this week and called on him to drop out of his Senate race, but Akin so far has not backed down.

During CBS4 News at Noon Boyd reported on the stipulation that was made by the Romney campaign staffer when reporting on what Romney said during the interview. She also followed that up with reports on CBS4 News at 5:

Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio said he wasn't surprised that Romney wouldn't want to talk about abortion or Akin, but said just because those are uncomfortable subjects doesn't mean it should be off limits.

"It's obviously an uncomfortable topic for them. The vast majority of people of Colorado believe women have the right to control their own health care choices and legitimate topics," said Palacio.

Romney was in New Mexico Thursday and released his energy policy that he says will get America to energy independence in eight years.

Romney does not support wind tax subsidies, and the refusal so far by Congress to extend those subsidies has lead wind energy company Vestas to announce another round of layoffs, some in Colorado.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Watch Boyd's Complete Interview With Romney

"It's about leveling the playing field," Romney said. "We're also going to look to revamp our corporate tax system. A lot of the loopholes and special deals will have to be eliminated to make sure we can bring down our tax rate."

"I want to encourage energy independence. My goal is to get North America energy independent by 2020, and I think we should do that."

Boyd also asked Romney about the female vote in Colorado, which is larger than any other voting bloc. He said women are concerned about the same thing his campaign is -- jobs, health care and education.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Watch Boyd's Complete Interview With Colo. Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio

"Women are concerned about education, and for all the talk that the president made about improving our schools, we still have schools that perform well in the bottom quarter or bottom third of the entire nation. That's just unacceptable."

Romney has denounced what Akin said and has called on him to leave the senate race.

The National Communications Director for the Romney campaign told Boyd by phone Thursday afternoon, "This is not how we operate" and "The matter is being addressed."

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