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'Miss You Like Hell' Brings Current Immigration Issues To The Stage In Aurora

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Immigration, separation, and deportation are all issues some families in our country are currently facing. A new musical taking the stage Friday night at the Aurora Fox theater is immersing audience members in a roller coaster of emotions while tackling those issues. It's called "Miss You Like Hell," and director Helen R Murray says at its core, it's an untraditional love story. That's why she chose to bring the production to Aurora.

Miss You Like Hell at the Aurora Fox Theater
Miss You Like Hell at the Aurora Fox Theater (credit: CBS)

"I love shows about love. I'm a sap that way. And it doesn't need to be romantic love, either," said Murray.

"Miss You Like Hell" tells the tale of a mother, Beatriz, and her daughter, Olivia, who are rekindling their relationship after being estranged for four years.

"Part of the reason for the estrangement is her mother's undocumented status," explained Murray.

The pair embarks on a cross-country journey, navigating through the U.S. and, simultaneously, their relationship, with the challenge at the end of Beatriz facing possible deportation.

"It also shows love of country, which is spread throughout the play," Murray said.

Miss You Like Hell
Miss You Like Hell at the Aurora Fox Theater (credit: CBS)

GerRee Hinshaw, who plays Beatriz, was immediately drawn to the role upon hearing about it.

"When the Aurora Fox got the rights to do it, I was thrilled. Quiara Alegría Hudes is one of my favorite playwrights and the fact that she had collaborated with Erin McKeown was just exciting," Hinshaw exclaimed.

Hinshaw also says the issue is especially pertinent, not just nationally, but locally. "I think people will really connect to this. They really will see what their neighbors, what people in their families -- what friends are potentially going through. And it's important to connect to that and try to be a part of what could be better."

Hinshaw and her daughter in the play, Adriane Leigh Robinson, have spent weeks perfecting their craft.

"It's amazing for a new piece of work, especially a musical that's not 'West Side Story,' that's not 'In the Heights.' Because when you think musicals, that's where your mind goes and it stops. It gives (the Latino community) a chance to be represented properly," said Robinson. "Representation is so pivotal, so important."

"It's a show that really asks a lot of all of the actors. Helen is unafraid to really push to get the best that that script and music can bring together. It's really a truly emotional experience. This story is amazing," added Hinshaw.

Robinson couldn't be prouder of the work that's set to debut.

"It's a really powerful story, not because it's timely. But it's going to make you laugh. It's also going to break your heart. It will take you on that roller coaster that you expect when you go see a play," said Robinson.

She also hopes audiences are inspired by it and become more empathetic.

"The show brings issues to a much more personal level. It says, 'Here are people who actually deal with it and how does it affect these very real familial relationships when the idea of a parent or child being separated is actually happening. It takes away the otherness. It's not 'those people over there.' It's people are imperfect in their love for one another which we all are. I think this makes people go, 'Oh, yes, they're just like us,'" said Murray.

"Miss You Like Hell" runs from Sept. 20 through Oct. 13. Ticket prices vary, from $18-$37. They're available for purchase at

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