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'I Built This Store': Thief Hits Comic Book Store, Takes $42,000 Worth Of Comics

DENVER (CBS4) - The investigation is underway to find a thief who took an estimated $42,000 worth of comic books. Surveillance video shows the suspect heading straight for the cases at the front of the store that contain high priced books.

mile high comics break in shelves 3rd pic
(credit: Mile High Comics)

"They took some very, very specific items they wanted from three cases and left the other items that are very valuable," said Charles Rozanski, the owner of Mile High Comics. "Avengers number one, I mean you can't ask for anything more timely. He left behind, why? Why? That makes no sense. Smashed out the case, left the Stan Lee signed comic. Who does that? The rhyme or reason isn't there it's not like you can really identify this."

comic book thief smashes glass
(credit: Mile High Comics)

After smashing three cases, the suspect works hard to clean up blood that had started dripping all over the floor.

COMIC STORE BURGLARY 10PKG.transfer_frame_0
(credit: CBS)

"I try to treat this place as a museum for the kids of Denver. So, I put out a very rare letter I had purchased back east which was from the Superman Fan Club of America. It was congratulating a young boy in 1943 for becoming a member of the Superman fan club. Meanwhile, comics that were 11,000 were left behind, where does that make any sense," Rozanski said.

Rozanski has owned the world-renowned Mile High Comics for nearly 50 years. He admits this isn't the first time he's been a victim and won't be the last.

COMIC STORE BURGLARY 10PKG.transfer_frame_275
CBS4's Jeff Todd interviews Charles Rozanski (credit: CBS)

"I built this store and I engage in this life because it allows me to make other people happy," said Rozanski. "What we've built here is a family bonding center. We call it our cathedral of comics."

According to the store, the main books that were stolen are:

  • Avengers #1 GD
  • Iron Man #1 FI
  • New Mutants #98 NM
  • Atom #1 VG
  • Amazing Adventures #4 VG
  • Tales to Astonish #54 FI
  • Spider-Man #129 NM (Signed by Conway)
  • Thor #109 FI
  • Fantastic Four #52 VG
  • Justice League of America #1 Fi
  • All-Star Comics #18 VG
  • Batman #103 GD
  • Batman #123 VG
  • Original Superman Fan Club Letter

Anyone with information is urged to contact Denver Metro Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous.

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