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Women's Semi-Pro Football Team Mile High Blaze Breaks Down Barriers One Play At A Time

DENVER (CBS4) - During the week, Tyiesha Lowry-Jones makes her living working in network security with Empower Retirement. But, on the weekends she's known simply as "Smooth" on the football field.

"Most people don't know because we don't put our business out there," Lowry-Jones said. "We're just football players like the guys."

Lowry-Jones is the quarterback for the Mile High Blaze, a women's semi-pro football team in the Women's Football Alliance that's been scoring touchdowns since 2013. Wyn Dominy is the team owner and she uses her unique eye for talent to recruit the players.

"I can be walking through a grocery store and I will see a girl and be like, she looks like she can play football," Dominy said. "We'll recruit anywhere any time. Because we look for all types. All shapes, all sizes. We don't discriminate that's for sure."

The roster ranges from women out of high school to others who probably are the high schooler's grandparents.

"The fact that a 50-year-old woman can come out here and compete with an 18-year-old kid or a 25-year old veteran. It's amazing to me what women can do with their bodies," Lowry-Jones said.

The players enjoy the game but they also have their challenges. Each player has to pay to play and could spend anywhere from $750 to $1,500 per season due to not having enough sponsorships to cover the cost of equipment.

Even with the challenges, the WFA is making an impact. Lo Locust used to coach in the women's league and now she was on the sidelines in Super Bowl LV as an assistant defensive lines coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"This is crazy to see this happening. I mean, I look for her on the sidelines and it just brings me so much joy," Dominy said.

The women will start the football season in May and look to continue to break down the barriers one play at a time.

"The goal in our league is to help our players and teach them how to coach. And move up to those next levels, whether it's high school, college, or NFL," Dominy said.

For more information on the Mile High Blaze, visit their website at

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