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Micro Apartments Growing In Popularity In Dense Cities Like Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - With the rising cost of living in Colorado, a new trend is popping up across Denver. More people are choosing to live in micro units – apartments that are less than 500 square feet!

Steven Dynia is the architect behind the Kabin apartments in the RiNo Art District. He explained people are turning to the smaller spaces for economic reasons.

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(credit: Kabin)

"Cities have really reemerged as desirable places to live," he told CBSN Denver's Makenzie O'Keefe. "The denser they become and the more services they offer and the more social activity, reduces the absolute necessity of your own dwelling unit providing everything for you. Also, I think people would prefer to live either alone or with their partner instead of these unrelated roommate situations."

When it comes to the design of the microunits, Dynia said it's all about maximizing space.

"The desire is to use every nook and every possible void anywhere in the space for creating a situation where there's a place for everything. Clutter is the enemy of micro-housing," he said.

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(credit: Kabin)

Dynia explained tall ceilings, incorporating storage and big windows is essential to living comfortably in a small space.

"Generous windows help to expand the space and connect it to the outdoors," he said. "In the case of Kabin, we have garage doors which when fully open make the space feel much larger than it actually is."

As for where this type of housing works, Dynia said it's best in locations that have amenities that extend beyond their space. Like at Kabin, he explained, there's a health club, café, and it's near public transportation. That's key for the demographic attracted to the smaller apartments.

"They're primarily young singles…and it allows them where they formerly would have to have a roommate, they're allowed to have their privacy," he said.

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