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'Michelle Needs A Kidney' Sign On Pickup Changed To 'Kelsey Needs A Kidney'

DENVER (CBS4) - A man from Denver saw his campaign go viral when he tried to get his wife a new kidney, and now he's doing the same thing for someone else.

Bob Stewart put a sign on the back of his car in February reading "Michelle Needs a Kidney." A young man named Mason answered the call and donated his kidney to a woman he never met.

Stewart is not done helping people who need transplants. On Tuesday he changed the sign on the back of the truck to one reading "Kelsey Needs a Kidney."

Kelsey Crider, 26, has already had three kidney transplants since she was 17. Two were rejected, and the third has stopped working after five years.

"It shows how people are really caring out there, and I really appreciate it," Crider said. "There's really no words, actually."

Kelsey Crider Bob Stewart Kidney Transplant
Kelsey Crider takes a look at Bob Stewart's new sign (credit: CBS)

When Stewart put the sign for Michelle on the back of his truck University of Colorado Hospital said its transplant center received so many calls it could not respond fast enough.

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