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Former Denver Mayors Endorse Michael Hancock In Runoff Against Jamie Giellis

DENVER (CBS4)- Previous Denver mayors Wellington Webb and John Hickenlooper showed their support for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock before next month's runoff election against challenger Jamie Giellis. The runoff election is June 4.

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The former governor said the mayor has long been committed to the city, pointing out that they worked together when Hickenlooper was mayor and Hancock was on the city council.

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"Even then, back in the very beginning, he was pushing for housing, opportunities for everybody, to make sure that we had the appropriate programs for at-risk kids. Making sure that we had planning resources to help Denver grow for everybody," said Hickenlooper.

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Giellis received the second-largest number of votes in last week's election. Two other candidates for mayor in the municipal election, Penfield Tate and Lisa Calderon, showed their support for Giellis.

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"Her commitment to building a diverse cabinet and ensuring that the people who are most impacted by the policies of the city have a seat at the table," said Calderon.

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