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Denver Mayor Proposes Cannabis Policy At Mayor's Conference

BOSTON (CBS4)- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has joined other mayors to form a coalition, designed with preparing other states and the federal government for marijuana legalization in mind.

Mayors from Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and West Sacramento announced Monday on Twitter that they sponsored a resolution at the Conference of Mayors in Boston asking the U.S. government to remove cannabis from a list of illegal drugs, among other things.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (credit: CBS)

"I proposed a resolution here in Boston called Responsible Government for Cannabis Policy. The resolution passed out of committee and it will be voted on at the conference," said Hancock. "The resolution updates archaic federal policies that are hampering 46 states that have implemented some form of legalized marijuana," said Hancock.

The mayors are also discussing other topics, including affordable housing, immigration policy and infrastructure.

President Donald Trump said last week he would "probably" back a bipartisan congressional effort to ease a U.S. ban on the drug that about 30 states have legalized in some form. The bill supported by both parties was introduced June 7.

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