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Meow Wolf Denver Wants Us To Remember Aug. 3 As Weird Billboards Pop Up

DENVER (CBS4) - Meow Wolf Denver wants to make sure we don't forget it is opening soon, but they aren't giving away the actual date.

The art collective sent an email to fans this week with the subject: Save THIS Date It's All Coming Together in Denver. The body of the message simply reads "Commit To Memory August 3" along with a graphic of what looks like a robot or an elevator where doors open to reveal a car that resembles a hovercraft and the word "Gyre."

When viewed on a browser, the message adds "Commit this date to memory. Remember this day. Remember to remember." The definition of gyre as a noun means a circular or spiral motion or form, as a verb it means to move in a circle or spiral.

Adding to the mystery, Meow Wolf posted a picture of a flyer taped to a pole on its Instagram account. It reads "Used Shrimp Memories Wanted. Call To Donate Now. 855-GIV-MEMS."

When you call the number, you first hear noises followed by a message from a female mechanical recording that says:

"Hello, and thank you for calling the QDOT Memory Donation Line, part of the Share-A-Mem Foundation. All memories, big or small, are greatly appreciated. So please, give what your mind can spare.

"To donate a childhood memory, press 1. To donate a fresh memory, press 2. To donate a shrimp-flavored memory, press 3. To donate a blurry or faded memory that may require refurbishment, press 4. For all other memories, press 5 or stay on the line.

"Thank you. Your generosity, like your memories, will never be forgotten. Please record your memory after the 'bloop.'"

Then there's the billboards. Copter4 spotted two of them Friday morning. They feature what appears to be sentences written in some unknown language in the middle of different colored rings.

meow wolf billboard
(credit: CBS)
meow wolf billboard
(credit: CBS)

On a more mundane note, crews also put up the Meow Wolf signage on the outside of the building tucked into that triangle at an exit at I-25 and Colfax.

(credit: CBS)

The website for Meow Wolf still lists Denver as "Coming 2021" and we've been told the art collective should open this fall, but Remember August 3, maybe art lovers will learn more then.

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