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Experts Say Comet That Split Apart In 1995 Could Produce Tau Herculids Meteor Storm On Memorial Day

DENVER (CBS4) - If you live anywhere in the Americas, experts say there is the potential to see a rare meteor storm on Memorial Day. The Tau Herculid meteors may be visible as Earth passes through the remains of a comet that split apart in 1995. A meteor shower is classified as a meteor storm when at least 1,000 meteors per hour are produced.

Here in Colorado the predicted peak of the Tau Herculids is expected to be around 11 p.m. on Monday, May 30. But if the storm happens you may not be able to see it due to the weather. Colorado will be an unsettled weather pattern starting Sunday and lasting through at least Tuesday.

sky meteorite trail fireball meteor
(credit: KKTV)

According to, the last meteor storm was the famous Leonid meteor storm of 1966. That storm produced meteors falling at a rate of 40 meteors per second. Witnesses said they felt like they had to clutch the ground because of the impression of Earth moving through space.

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