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Parents Again Call On Colorado Lawmakers To Legalize Medical Marijuana For Autism

DENVER (CBS4) -  Jaimee Gomez and her husband came to the Colorado Capitol in search of hope. Hope for her 3-year-old boy Elijah who has severe autism.

"We have already tried multiple medications that have not worked for him," Gomez said.

(credit: CBS)

Last year, CBS4's Rick Sallinger visited with families of children with autism around the state who were allowed to use marijuana due to other disabilities. All spoke of great improvements such as calming, and ability of the children to become verbal.

(credit: CBS)

A boy named Kolt's family in Pueblo West make their own recipe, which includes the psychoactive ingredient THC. He vaped it and later took marijuana tinctures, according to his mother Jamie Kropp.

"There was a little boy lost inside and since coming to Colorado we've gotten our family back," she said.

Last year, parents of children with autism made an unannounced call on then-Gov. John Hickenlooper. Michelle Walker pleaded for the legalization of medical marijuana for children with autism.

"Please our kids are dying," she said. "We don't have time. We can't wait another year."

But in the end, the Hickenlooper vetoed a bill passed by both chambers of the legislature, saying he was concerned about safety. He did designate $2.7 million for research on marijuana use for autism. Now in another year, another legislative session has come and again parents asked for help for their autistic children starting all over again. This time there is a new governor in office, Gov. Jared Polis. Parents believe this time the bill will not only pass, but the governor will sign it.

UPDATE: On Wednesday night the marijuana autism bill was approved on a bipartisan vote of 10-1 in a committee hearing.

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