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Governor Signs Bill That Brings Medical Marijuana To Children With Autism

DENVER (CBS4) - Surrounded by parents and children with autism, Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill into law on World Autism Day. Autism is now one of the conditions accepted for use of medical marijuana treatment in Colorado.

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(credit: CBS)

It was last year when CBS4 introduced parents to then-10-year-old Kolt Kropp. His mother Jamie spoke about what their lives were like before in Arizona.

"I'm sitting at my wit's end crying not knowing what I can do for my son, but I knew he could have a better quality of life," she said.

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Jamie Kropp (credit: CBS)

They moved to Colorado because Kolt qualified for medical marijuana due to a skin condition. His mother makes the medicine for him at their home.

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(credit: CBS)

His eating compulsion stopped, and he is now is now able to attend school and speak. His mother tearfully explained, "There was a little boy lost inside of his body. Since coming to Colorado we have gotten our family back."

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Kolt Kropp (credit: CBS)

So too with Vincent. He and his family came here from Texas. He qualified for medical marijuana due to seizures.

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Scott and Vincent Walker (credit: CBS)

His father, Scott Walker, told CBS4's Rick Sallinger at their home last year.

"I would like to see other parents have access to bring this life saving medicine to their children."

And now that has happened.

"We know medical cannabis products can be a game changer," Gov. Polis said.

Just how that "game" might be changing was imagined by Vincent's mother, Michelle Walker of Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism.

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(credit: CBS)

"Maybe they can go to a baseball game, maybe to church, but this will give them a chance for their best quality of life," she said after the bill signing ceremony.

Jamie Kropp echoed that, "There's going to be parents who hear their child say I love you for the first time."

The patient with autism must be diagnosed as having a disabling medical condition by two physicians. The law is effective immediately.

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