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'Maskne' Is Real, Dermatologist Says. Here's What You Can Do To Prevent It

ABINGDON, Md. (WJZ-TV) -- Masks are now a part of our everyday lives. For some people, what's underneath the mask is giving them issues they've never had before. It seems dermatologists are seeing more patients suffering from mask-related acne -- or, in this case, "maskne."

It's not what our skin is used to, having a piece of material covering a majority of our face, trapping moisture and bacteria against our skin. "(There's) so much more irritation from the mask, whether it's causing friction, moisture, the heat," Dr. Sarah Cannon of Cannon Dermatology tells WJZ-TV in Baltimore.

Cannon says many patients who have battled acne in the past are having flare-ups. "We're seeing a lot of new cases of patients coming in with new-onset acne who have never had acne before," she notes.

Cannon suggests proper hydration, keeping makeup off the skin that is covered and washing your mask after each use.

The discomfort is one thing, but how you feel about yourself is another. Julie Newton is an aesthetician at Spa on The Boulevard and says her appointments have been filling up with people who need some TLC for their facial skin. "It's definitely something everybody is struggling with right now," Newtson says. "It's not something to really be embarrassed about, either, especially if you're looking to get help. That's why we're here."

She suggests a HydraFacial and a good skincare routine to help keep your skin clear.

Cannon says everyone is different and treatment is on a case by case basis. If over the counter washes and creams don't work, you're encouraged to call a doctor to get help.

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