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Postal Service Restored In Louisville After Marshall Fire

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (CBS4)- The Postal Service resumed service in Louisville for the first time since the devastating Marshall Fire. Mail carriers from around Colorado arrived on Sunday to help deliver the backlog of mail.

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Inside the Louisville Post Office on Sunday morning, workers were busy cleaning up leftover soot and debris on mailboxes.

It was their first day back in operations since the fire destroyed nearly 1,000 buildings in their community. And mail carriers jumped at the opportunity to assist devastated families.

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"There are medications coming… checks, commerce, so things that people rely on," said David Rupert, USPS Communications Manager.

His location in Louisville and also serves homes in Superior.

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"It's built into our DNA. That's why we go out there when it's raining and cold and snowy."

And, of course, during wildfires. Louisville is now getting assistance from postal workers from all across our state.

"We put the call out, and no one was forced to be here, it's on a Sunday on a holiday weekend. We've got 40 people fanning across the city to get things back together as far as the mail. We have carriers that have come from Durango, Montrose, Fort Morgan, Colorado Springs, and some of those communities have had fires of their own."

Carriers say it's a commitment to service.

"We have employees whose homes burned. So it's personal for us as well, but then you become very ingrained. We have one carrier, he has 600 deliveries on his route, and 200 are gone. If you don't know your letter carrier, he or she knows you. Knows when you get married or have babies or life changes and really becomes an extension of your family."

And these times especially, we are all family.

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(credit: CBS)

"We're here, we're holding our heads up high and we hope that it gives hope for the future," said Rupert.

Customers in areas that are not accessible or where homes have been destroyed can pick up their mail at the Louisville Post Office at 566 S. McCaslin Boulevard.

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