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Those Impacted By Marshall Fire Learn $20 Million In Donations Will Contribute To Rebuilding Efforts

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- For those who lost homes or were damaged in the Marshall Fire last December, money is on the way, but it may not come until June. So says the head of the Community Foundation of Boulder.

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Tatiana Hernandez, the CEO of Community Foundation of Boulder County told CBS4, "Six months may seem like a very long time, but it's really quite fast particularly when you talk about state, federal, local governments all through the one-stop easy process."

Fire victims were told at a meeting the night before that $20 million in donations are set aside to support rebuilding efforts. Many victims frustrated by being sent from one agency to another had asked for a single place they could go with all their questions and needs. Money will now be used for "disaster navigators" to take care of that.

Tawyna Somauroo is a board member of Marshall Together, she was happy with what some 80-90 fire victims were told at the meeting.

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"It's going to be a one-stop shop where you explain all your circumstances and they say, 'This is all the help we can give you... all the money in the budget' and you don't have to go to offices to find out."

A total of $40 million has been donated to the Marshall Wildfire Fund even more will be coming to the victims through other sources according to Hernandez.

"There is not just our state funding that's available. There are state funds that are available, some are federal funds coming through the state," said Hernandez.

Somauroo added, "I didn't know about it before the meeting. I am really excited about it and it's going to be really helpful and it could be just as much money as the community foundation is offering."

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The money is expected to further flow as more rebuilding permits are issued. One category to be funded is "Unmet Needs" which will include everything from child care, to car repairs.

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