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New Rules For Marijuana Edibles Now In Effect

By Shawn Chitnis

DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Medical and retail marijuana dispensaries can no longer buy or sell edibles in the shape of a human, animal, or fruit as part of changes made to the rules for the industry.

The changes go into effect on Sunday and include new labeling requirements.

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"I think any industry should always go forward with protecting the children at any cost," said Scott Durrah of Simply Pure.

Durrah is the co-owner of the medical and recreational dispensary in Denver's Highlands neighborhood. He specializes in the edibles market for the business.

He sees the concern for making a change in the shape of edibles, but says it comes with a high cost for the industry to comply with the requirements.

Lawmakers in Colorado looked at making this change in 2016 and eventually passed legislation mandating the update to the rules for edibles starting Oct. 1, 2017.

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The potency of marijuana also needs to be clearly labeled now with specific requirements on the size of the font and text used to identify the product.

Edibles can still be sold in a range of colors and geometric shapes.

"I look at how difficult it is for me as an owner, as a person that has an edible company to be able to try to get into these edibles that looked to be safe," Durrah added, "So I think we do a great job in terms of packaging."

He carries products that have multiple layers of packaging before you can get to the edibles inside, requiring two hands to open the product.

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The technique used to open some of those packages is similar to accessing pills from certain containers.

Durrah says edibles need to be treated like many other items around the house that are meant for adults only.

Edibles come in many different varieties besides gummies or products that look like candies, only a portion of what is available at shops like Simply Pure.

Customers looking for edibles may opt for an oil or liquid product that wouldn't be as appealing to a child as edibles shaped like a human, animal or fruit.

"The responsibility goes back to the home, back to the parent," Durrah said, "It's no different than the liquor cabinet there; or guns, locking them up; prescription drugs, putting them away."

LINK: Bulletin from Department of Revenue

LINK: Marijuana Enforcement in Colorado

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