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Lawmakers Tackle Black Market For Marijuana Delivery

DENVER (CBS4) - A bill before a Colorado House committee would allow for the legal delivery of marijuana from licensed dispensaries. CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger has shown in the past marijuana delivery already exists... it's just not legal.

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In 2015, an undercover CBS4 employee met a man advertising marijuana delivery in a park and asked if he could smell the pot being offered.

"I'm new to it. I don't know if I can smell it or something," the employee asked.

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"Yeah, I have to get the money first," the person who had agreed to deliver the marijuana responded.

CBS4's undercover employee did not buy anything, but Sallinger did ask a question.

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"Is what you are doing legal?"

The correct answer would have been no.

The bill co-sponsor, State Rep. Alex Valdez told the House Business Affairs Committee said, "Right now there is a thriving black market for delivery."

The other co-sponsor Rep. Jonathan Singer, a democrat from Longmont testified.

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"This is an opportunity to stamp out a black market and provide a service for people who are sick."

Only licensed dispensaries would be allowed to deliver. But not all owners are for it. Rob Holmes' Root RX has six dispensaries.

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"Open it up -- home delivery system used by third parties, it's is a recipe for disaster," he said.

The plan is to allow only medical marijuana delivery at first then recreational next year. Designed to shut the black market down.

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