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Running Success Runs In The Scholl Family's Blood

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - They could be Colorado's First Family of 5Ks. CBS4's Vic Lombardi met them at a local 5K three years ago and started noticing their times. He's not the only one who has noticed. The Scholls, of Kremmling, have made quite a name for themselves in the local running community.

"Just because you're young and just because you're small or just because you're skinny, it doesn't mean that you cannot beat up with the older people; you can't whip their butts," 12-year-old Tyler Scholl said. "You can be right up there and they can't tell you to not be in on front starting line."

Tyler is a sixth-grader who has been tearing the competition at multiple races all over the state. Last month he finished second at the Cherry Creek Sneak -- second overall. In the Gallup at the Grove in Golden earlier this month he was two minutes better than everybody.

"He took the lead at about 10 yards in and he hasn't relinquished that lead," said Lombardi while he was emceeing this year's Gallup at the Grove. "This kid is impressive every year he runs the Gallup at the Grove ... give it up for Tyler Scholl!"

His time was 17:04, which was about 40 seconds off his fastest 5K.

And guess who won the women's race? Tyler's 16-year-old sister, Tabor Scholl.

Tabor Scholl
Tabor Scholl (credit: CBS)

"On the money -- Taber Scholl finishing at 19:01 – great job!" Lombardi announced.

A minute later, it was the mother, Stephanie Scholl.

It's in their blood. The father of the house, Shawn Scholl, is a former decathlete. The family lives outside of Kremmling where they run a coffee shop. But they usually spend their weekends following in each other's footsteps.

Shawn Scholl

"We use racing as more of a social outlet because we're so isolated up in Kremmling and we don't have this kind of community," Stephanie said. "So, it's more fun. The running community is our friends. So we use (running) as weekend getaways."

The family that trains together wins together. Tabor recently won the state championship in the mile.

"One day I was in front of them, and the next day I was (slowing them down)," Stephanie said.

Stephanie Scholl
Stephanie Scholl (credit: CBS)

Tyler's proudest day came when he outkicked his old man.

"This race three years ago was the first time I ever beat dad," Tyler said. "I crossed the finish line and I was like, 'Mom, Mom, Mom, I beat Dad, I beat Dad, I beat Dad, oh my gosh, I beat Dad!"

Don't worry, he beats a lot of dads.

Tyler Scholl
Tyler Scholl (credit: CBS)

The Scholls live in Kremmling for a reason. They're big Nordic skiers and the kids win a lot of those races as well.

After every race, right after they lap the field, The Scholls go straight to homestretch to cheer the other racers along.

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