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Man Who Just Won Money In Football Pool Assaulted & Robbed In Aurora

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - Police in Aurora are searching for two suspects after a man was assaulted Friday night.

Phillip Joseph says he had just won $200 in a betting pool on the Denver Broncos game at the Horizon Bar. He then drove his car west to 34th Avenue and Gilpin Street where he says he was going to meet some friends to socialize. When he stepped out of his car he says two black males in their late 20s try to steal his car.

Joseph said he tossed his car key and the suspects got angry and one man hit him repeatedly with a wooden bat. Once on the ground they began to stomp him multiple times.

The men took the money from Joseph's wallet and fled.

Joseph was taken to the hospital and was interviewed by police. He suffered a concussion and internal bleeding.

One suspect described as having a tear drop tattoo under his left eye. The other had long hair, parted down middle with two braids.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call Aurora police.

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