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Lawsuit filed against Ticketmaster for engaging in anticompetitive, monopolistic practices

Lawsuit filed to Ticketmaster for engaging in anticompetitive practices
Lawsuit filed to Ticketmaster for engaging in anticompetitive practices 02:20

Like so many others Joe Akmakjian of Denver was among those frustrated trying to get Taylor Swift tickets.

But he said his frustration went well beyond that.

"I am suing Ticketmaster, because of the monopolistic practices they have in the live event, ticketing industry," he said. 

The federal court lawsuit, now filed in the Central District of California, claims Ticketmaster engages in anticompetitive practices controlling much of the concert business. 

"A lot of individuals I think are looking at this lawsuit, saying this is a bunch of Taylor Swift fans who were mad because they couldn't get tickets," Akmakjian added. 

He actually did get tickets, but feels Ticketmaster, which merged with concert promoter Live Nation, is taking advantage of the fans and botched the computerized ticket sale.

Kelli Hernandez is part of the lawsuit by what's called, "Take Down Ticketmaster."

"When I finally figured out, I did the wrong thing I threw up. I lost my mind I mean I eventually got back in and did what they said," she told CBS News Colorado. 

When the Taylor Swift tickets went on sale last November Capitol One credit card holders and verified Taylor Swift fans were supposed to be given preference. 

"The words verified fan is a joke within six minutes of the east coast sales happening. There were resale tickets hitting the buttons. Those aren't fans, they are called scalpers," Hernandez scoffed.

The lawsuit claims Ticketmaster provided more than a million codes to verified fans who could buy six tickets each leaving no seats for others.

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