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Passenger With MAGA Hat Removed From United Flight

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS4) - A passenger with a "Make America Great Again" hat was removed from a United Airlines flight.

The plane scheduled to go to Newark, New Jersey from Shanghai, China, but it was grounded an hour before takeoff while local law enforcement dealt with an "unruly" passenger.

The passenger was asked to leave the flight after supposedly taking another person's seat and refusing to move.

One passenger posted to Facebook that the man insisted that "because he couldn't get an upgrade, he's entitled to all three seats next to him even though they're already assigned to somebody else."

Officials de-planed the flight to deal with the disruption, some of which was caught on video.

Eventually the man left on his own to shouts of "Lock him up!" by other passengers, according to the NY Daily News.

Because the flight was delayed, it had to make stop in the Bay Area to get a new flight crew.

Passengers arrived in New Jersey at 2:22 a.m. on Monday, approximately eight hours late.

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