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Police: Lyndon McLeod Knew 4 Of 5 Victims Killed In Shooting Spree, Was 'On The Radar'

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are unwinding a complicated and grim story of the actions of 47-year-old Lyndon McCleod, the apparent shooter in a killing spree in Denver and Lakewood Monday.

lyndon mcleod aka roman mcclay via youtube
Lyndon McLeod (credit: YouTube)

"This individual was on the radar of law enforcement," said Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen. "There were two previous investigations into this individual's actions. Neither of those investigations resulted in state or federal charges."

Pazen declined to elaborate on what those investigations involved or whether there were prior threats from McCleod.

However, information emerged of McCleod's previous connections to the tattoo business and publishing.

McCleod formed a publishing company in the mid-2000s called Flat Black Ink. The company's status with the state has been delinquent for several years. But McCleod published three books via the company entitled 'Sanction', 'Sanction II' and 'Sanction III', under the pseudonym Roman McClay. Online readers note on Amazon that the books contain rants about topics like diversity, women, globalization and fantasies about killing people.

Police believe McLeod was targeting most of his victims.

"Certainly the Denver incidents, the one Broadway, the Williams, the individual he was targeting on 6th Avenue, those were known to him… There were prior relationships either personal relationships, business relationships that were involved there," said Matt Clark, supervisor of Denver's Major Crimes Division.

denver lakewood crime spree map
(credit: CBS)

On Wednesday, the coroner confirmed 67-year-old MichaeSwinyard was shot to death in 1200 block of North Williams Street, and 44-year-old Alicia Cardenas and 35-year-old Alyssa Gunn were shot and killed at Sol Tribe Tattoo at 1st and Broadway.

Danny Scofield was killed at Lucky13 Tattoo on Colfax Avenue and Kipling Street.

The worker at the Hyatt House who died Tuesday, becoming the fifth victim in the shooting, 28-year-old Sarah Steck, was likely not known to McCleod. Clark said there were, "Previous interactions with the hotel, not necessarily that clerk."

hyatt house
(credit: CBS)

The Lakewood Police Department agent who was shot continues to recover. Police said she was in stable condition, at last word, with an abdomen injury and would likely need a second surgery. The agent was wearing a protective vest when she was shot at South Vance Street and West Alaska Drive.

Investigators now say her actions likely prevented further tragedy.

"I just cannot emphasize enough is how heroic this Lakewood agent is," said Lakewood Public Information Officer John Romero.

Investigators say that even after being shot, she returned fire, killing McCleod.

"She took a situation that was already horrendous and put herself in harm's way to stop it before it got even worse," said Romero. "We are beyond proud of her actions and the lives that she likely saved because of her acts last night."

The agent's identity will likely be released Wednesday Romero said. She is a three year veteran of the force.

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