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Couple Offers $500 To Find Engagement Ring Lost In A Snowdrift Near Breckenridge

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) - An engaged couple is now asking for the kindness of strangers to help get the symbol of their love back from a snowdrift in Colorado. Paulina Morales and Deven Maraj were doing outdoorsy stuff on their trip to Breckenridge recently when Deven tossed Paulina into the snow.

ring breckenridge
(credit: Paulina Morales)

She came back out of the snow without the ring on her finger. The two searched for days, even using a metal detector, but had no luck.

"Sadly, we had to go home," Morales said when they finally stopped their search.

But they're hoping motivated altruistic Coloradans will take up their search in their place, with the promise of a $500 reward as well.

ring2 breckenridge
(credit: Paulina Morales)

For those searching, the coordinates are 39.47396N 106.04756W on a trail just west of the Blue River, behind Columbine Road in Breckenridge.

The ring was designed by Maraj's father specifically for Morales. The couple said this means more to them than just a ring, it's also a symbol of all they've been able to work through in their relationship and the success they've seen so far.

CBS4 Mountain Newsroom Reporter Spencer Wilson did try to find the ring himself Monday afternoon and melted a good chunk of snow in the area the couple described, but was also unsuccessful in locating the ring. Still, the melted snow in the area should help lead other searchers to the right area, in the event they're interested in helping in the search.

ring4 breckenridge
(credit: Paulina Morales)

If you do find the ring, call CBS4's News Tips hotline at 303.830.6369 to help get you in contact with the couple to get it returned.

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