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Longmont Police Say Drunk Man Stole Ambulance To Stay Warm

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) - A stolen ambulance has been recovered after being taken by a man while paramedics were helping a woman in Longmont Sunday morning.

Robert Taylor, 51, is accused of stealing the ambulance. Police say Taylor had been drinking and wanted to stay warm.

Rosemary Winter, 86, had called 911 after she had fallen. While paramedics were helping her they heard the beeping sound of their ambulance backing up. The driver then fled.

"I heard someone outside say that, 'Oh they took our ambulance.' And she said, 'That's the second time this has happened.' I said, 'Well, who would be doing that?' " Winter said.

American Medical Response , the ambulance company, sent another ambulance to help Winter and she's expected to recover.

Taylor is facing vehicle theft and DUI charges. A warrant check showed an outstanding felony warrant for escape out of the Colorado Dept of Corrections. He was also listed as missing person out of Fort Collins.

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