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Local Company Helping People Suffering From Ringing In The Ears

DENVER (CBS4) – A local company is helping people who suffer from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

More than 50 million people in the United States suffer from tinnitus.

Lorenzo Gonzales is a military veteran who suffered from tinnitus for 35 years that was so bad he couldn't function.

"It's just chilling. It's bone chilling," said Gonzales.

That was before Neuromonics, a company with a small device that can help treat tinnitus in two phases.

"The first phase is we intro a white noise that cancels out the level of the tinnitus with the brain in order to train the brain," said Eula Adams from Neuromonics.

The second phase involves introducing a neurostimulus, which trains the brain to ignore the ringing in the ears.

"The treatment usually takes months," said Adams.

Neuromonics makes the device which treats the illness while audiologists program the device.

"We can work alongside the patient and really help them get through it," said Audiologist Patty Kalmbach from the Colorado Tinnitus & Hearing Center.

Adams and Neuromonics are at the helm in the fight against tinnitus.

"When you know that the very thing that you're providing to people will really make someone's quality of life so much better, that's win, win, win," said Adams.

Gonzalez said he certainly feels that way.

"All of a sudden I started noticing it wasn't as severe and it just kept going down and down and down," said Gonzalez.

LINK: More Information On Neuromonics

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