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Little Flower food bank fills big need in Aurora community

Little Flower food bank fills big need in Aurora community
Little Flower food bank fills big need in Aurora community 02:00

The impact of inflation might be felt most of all at the grocery store. That in turn has increased the requests for help at Colorado's food banks.

One of those is the Little Flower Food Bank and Assistance Center in Aurora run by Catholic Charities.

In June it served 375 families, a 28% increase from May.

"We have a situation where people are feeling the inflationary pressures associated with the grocery store," said Ed Schulte, the bank's emergency assistance coordinator. "They are coming in here for food as well as clothing."

One of those clients is Virginia Kinsella. She comes in once a month to get a box of food that could include fresh fruit and produce, yogurt, milk, meat and canned goods. And she's grateful for the items.

"I appreciate it, and if there's something that I can't eat for various reasons -- medicines, allergies, things like that -- there is always someone that I know (who can use it.)"

Kinsella said the box not only helps her save money but also save time at the store.

"It's getting harder to shop. It takes longer. No matter what you want to buy, there's no guarantee that you buy it."

"No matter what you plan on your shopping list, you have to work hard to find some other brand or 'Well, I'm not going to buy that. Let's see what I'm going to substitute for it.'"

Schulte knows just what a difference Little Flower makes for families. "We attempt to provide enough food to be a two week supply for those families."

To put together those boxes of food, Little Flower works closely with Food Bank of the Rockies, getting two deliveries a week. It also receives donations from food drives held by parish churches and schools.

The food bank is always looking for volunteers as well.

It also helps families with other items like clothing and bus passes as well as job counseling, but right now a big focus is on feeding those in need.

"It's people that otherwise would not have come in a year ago that are now coming in because they simply can't afford everything they need at the grocery store."

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