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New Law Allowing Marijuana Delivery Aims To Fight Black Market

DENVER (CBS4) - Gov. Jared Polis has signed a bill into law that will make delivery of marijuana legal. It will begin with medical marijuana in 2020 and recreational pot will follow a year later.

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During a signing ceremony, Rep. Jonathan Singer, of Longmont, who sponsored the bill, cited numerous reports by CBS4 for exposing the black market for pot delivery. Those stories included undercover employees of CBS4 meeting marijuana sellers who were using Craigslist and other internet sites.

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"I'm new to it. I don't know if I can smell it or something?" A CBS4 employee asked in one encounter.

"Yeah, I would have to get the money first, man," the seller and delivery person replied.

Another seller confided he has to be careful who is offering his pot to.

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(credit: CBS)

"People on Craigslist are shady. You have to be a little fearful," he said.

CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger texted to one person asking if he could bring over some pot. He replied...

"sup bro."

"Can you deliver to Downtown Denver?" Sallinger texted back.

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(credit: CBS)

"What quantity do you need and when do you need it?" the seller responded.

Licensed dispensaries will be allowed to have it delivered through screened wholesale. Companies like 1906 Edibles expect their market to boom.

"For us this is really important to meet the needs of women and seniors, and it opens up a much larger market than just walking into a dispensary," said Peter Barsoom, a spokesman for 1906 Premium Edibles.

It's hoped the black market for marijuana delivery in Colorado will now shrivel up.

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