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Rep. Lauren Boebert takes lead over challenger Adam Frisch in U.S. House District 3 for first time since election night

Colorado Congressional District 3 between Boebert, Frisch could go to recount
Colorado Congressional District 3 between Boebert, Frisch could go to recount 03:18

For the first time since election night, incumbent Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican who represents Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, has a lead over over Democratic challenger Adam Frisch.

Rep. Lauren Boebert in Grand Junction on Tuesday night CBS

On Thursday morning the latest ballot count in the tight race shows just over a 400-vote lead for Boebert over Frisch. 


CBS News was projecting as of 11 a.m. that Boebert had 50.1% of the votes compared to Frisch, who had 49.9% of the Colorado U.S. House District 3 race.

CBS News Colorado spoke to Pueblo County Clerk & Record Gilbert Ortiz on Thursday, where votes were still being counted for ballots submitted both by mail and in person on Election Day. Ortiz said his elections office still has 1,800 in-person ballots to count, 5,000 mail ballots and 600 cures. He said there could also be about 500 uniformed-overseas ballots to count in Pueblo County. 

"We're not sacrificing any accuracy for speed right now," Ortiz told CBS News Colorado. "Which I'm sure is driving most people crazy, but it's important for people to understand that we had a two-card ballot this election, so it basically takes twice the amount to count because we have another ballot. So that is part of what's slowing us down."

Per Colorado law, a recount is triggered when the difference between the highest number of votes cast in a race and the next highest number of votes in the same race are less than or equal to 0.5%. If that ends up being the case, the Colorado Secretary of State would order a recount within 25 days.

As of Thursday afternoon, CBS News estimates that control for the House of Representatives leans in favor of Republicans. CBS News estimated that the GOP will win at least 213 seats, compared to 206 for the Democrats, with 16 races still considered toss-ups. The close margin in the House means that every uncalled race matters in the battle to get to a majority of 218 seats. 

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