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Numerous Larimer County Businesses Failing To Follow Mask Mandate

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) - Some 1,200 complaints have been received by the Larimer County Public Health Department regarding businesses that have failed to follow the mask mandate since it took effect Oct. 20. Cozy Cottage in Fort Collins with 14 complaints tops the list and was given a violation citation.

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Signs there read, "As a company we have chosen not to police our guests or employees
with their personal decisions."

CBS4 spoke with one shopper who wore a mask. Stephanie Bengston said, "I would really rather the store tell us what the county mandate is, the guidelines, so that we we are all following the same rules."

Some staff members were not wearing masks which is required. In Larimer County, the risk level for COVID-19 is high especially with the Omicron variant now in the U.S.

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"Once we receive two or more complaints about a business we will reach out to that business," said Kori Wilford, a spokesperson for Larimer County Public Health.

The mandate also requires signs informing customers that masks must be worn inside public places. CBS4 found many stores that did not have the signs and shoppers who chose not to comply.

"How do you feel about the mask mandate?" asked CBS4's Rick Sallinger.

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"I feel it's your personal choice. If you want to wear one you wear one, if you don't, you don't."

Businesses face possible action against their license or a fine for repeated non-compliance.

At Wilbur's Total Beverage right below the mask sign it states, "Please do not complain or argue with our staff about masks. We did not make the mandate."

The other business that received a citation is Voltage salon in Fort Collins.

More information from Larimer County can be found on its website.

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