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Lakewood Senior Sets Sights On Medicine

MORRISON, Colo (CBS4) – CBS4 is honoring the future leaders in Colorado high schools. With help from our partners at the Colorado School of Mines, each month, CBS4 gives $1,000 to a high school student who excels in the STEM fields.

Future Leaders Hannah 1
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Hannah Mosher excels at science, math, and engineering, but she has a very personal reason for wanting to make a difference in the future. Her mother battled stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma, and won.

"I'm really someone who wants to be part of the solution…solve problems. So, I think her going through treatment was one of the hardest things for me to watch, because I did just have to watch. I couldn't necessarily do anything to make her better," Hannah told CBS4.

"Our family motto is, 'Be part of the solution, don't be part of the problem,' so that's sort of how we approached it," Sally Mosher said, Hannah's mother.

Hannah & Sally Hiking the Grand Canyon
Hannah and her mother hiking the Grand Canyon during Sally's battle with cancer. (credit Hannah Mosher)

Hannah's solution is to be a doctor, and she has explored that goal through several extra-curricular opportunities. In 2015, she attended a Girls Lead The Way: Engineering and Science Conference at the Colorado School of Mines.

"The group I was in, we got to build a bionic hand with like a plastic doctor's glove, some straws and string, and then tape. So, that was an interesting challenge," Mosher explained.

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She did a Biomedical Engineering Discovery program at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Medical School Experience on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

"I really like working with my hands and solving problems," Mosher said.

Last summer, Mosher took part in the Summer Teen Volunteer Program at the University of Colorado Hospital, it involves learning through volunteering shifts, helping patients, and education opportunities.

"We volunteered there on two different floors and we got to do education sessions," Mosher explained. "We got to have lunch with the Chief of Neurosurgery and the Neuro-ICU, and so that's something I think I might want to do in the future."

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Mosher is a senior at Lakewood High School, taking the International Baccalaureate course of studies. She volunteers at a local elementary school helping the kids do math. And she participates in sports, and community service projects. Her hands-on-experience has given her a good foundation to do whatever she wants in the future.

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